The Pied Piper

One of my favourite things about the Byward Market is the diverse variety of performers and street artists you discover while walking around. Last weekend while on assignment for my multimedia reporting class I came across Thomas Brawn, a musician who is passionate about sharing music with children and giving them the opportunity to try out different instruments. He set up the Sidewalk Box at 60 George Street in the Market, and agreed to let me snap some photographs of him and his young disciples!



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  1. Nice photos! We should team up for a photo expedition at some point since we’re both covering the same ‘hood =)

  2. Thanks Amanda, I know…it’s a decade later, but I have finally happened upon these fabulous photos from 2010.
    They couldn’t have resurfaced a t abetter time as I am doin Sidewalk Box at Mackenzie King Estate August long weekend and the NCC needed some promo stuff.
    I hope I can use it. You will get an ample credit

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