Gas leak at Carleton University

Campus security officers are evacuating students out of Glengarry residence at Carleton University over concerns about a natural gas leak in the building.

Access to the residence area of campus was cut off just before 1 p.m., as officers acknowledged the risk of an explosion.

“We’re evacuating in case of an explosion,” said one officer outside the Glengarry entrance.

Students are not sure what to do, with some having received mixed messages from emergency responders.

“I was in the shower, and by the time I got dressed and went downstairs, they told us to go back in,” said Danika Moly, a first-year student living in Glengarry.

Campus safety officer Ron Brunet says that he was instructed to block off access to the residential area of campus, but noted that he had not received much information from the Carleton administration.

“I haven’t got any information myself,” Brunet said, “I’m just making sure no one goes past.”

Vehicles on Library Rd. and Campus Ave. are being redirected off campus.




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