Five things

The ‘five things’ post is something I really enjoy reading on other peoples’ blogs and so I thought I would start my own. The idea is to post five things that make you happy each week so I’m going to give it a go.

Here are five little things that made my week:

1. This necklace


(for being un-polished and the perfect shade of purple)

2. This journal


(because after a month-long hiatus, it felt so good to write in it again)

3. This purse


(for adding a very summer-y pop of colour to my outfits all week)

4. These books.


(because I’m really into non-fiction lately and these will keep me busy for the next month)

5. This tea


(because I’ve been feeling patriotic lately and the little candy maple leaves make me happy)



Add yours →

  1. I love the idea of ‘5 things’… and I love even more that you used photography to express them. Brilliant idea, which I may ‘borrow’ for my own blog, if I may be so bold as to admit, LOL.

    BTW… love the shot of the journal.

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