Grad Video

After four years here in Ottawa, I’ve finally finished my undergraduate degree at Carleton University. The School of Journalism is a very small, tight-knit community within the university. One of our traditions is that the graduating class gets a j-prom, where we come together before exams start for a night of dressing up, inspirational speeches by our profs and fun with our classmates/soon-to-be colleagues. It’s also tradition that several members of the graduating class put together what’s known as a ‘grad video.’

For the last three months, I’ve been working with my friends and classmates Marc Cousineau (@marccousineau2) and Victoria Deng (@its_vdeng) to create a video that would leave our friends laughing and crying at all the times we’ve shared together. I can only say that we succeeded beyond any of our hopes and I feel so fortunate to have the memories of producing this video as we graduate and move on. It truly was something I’ll never forget.

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