Europe’s new youth movements: less idealism, more influence (PRODUCED WITH THE SUPPORT OF 2015 EU-CANADA YOUNG JOURNALIST FELLOWSHIP)

Justice system ill-equipped to help radicalized youth: experts

Italy’s migrant security threat requires social, economic approach (WINNER OF THE 2015 EU-CANADA YOUNG JOURNALIST FELLOWSHIP)

Keep calm and play the long game on Ramadi, analysts urge

Saudi strikes in Yemen risk exposing West to greater threat than ISIS

Government’s anti-Muslim rhetoric could harm intelligence-gathering efforts: ex-CSIS operative

The new genocide double standard: Syria and Canada’s war on ISIS

Letting Assad stay in power will doom Syrian anti-ISIS fight to failure, expert says

As Central Asia confronts Islamic extremism, the West casts a wary eye on help from Russia

Experts say hackers targeting terrorists may do more harm than good

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