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What makes a video go viral? 

– Marketing professor Jonah Berger joined The Homestretch to discuss what drives us to share content and make it “go viral.”


Chris Hadfield returns from space tomorrow and his son, Evan, will be watching carefully.

– Evan Hadfield joined The Homestretch from Germany to talk about the experience of his dad being in space, and what comes next.


Can feral dog populations be controlled with “The Pill?”

– A Bragg Creek vet is doing just that on several Alberta First Nations and joined The Homestretch from Newfoundland, where the government has sponsored her trip to get feral dogs on birth control.


New research shows anti-psychotic use among children has quadrupled in the past 15 years.

– Local psychiatrist Dr. Lloyd Maybaum joined The Homestretch to discuss this alarming trend.


The RCMP arrested two men for allegedly plotting to derail a Via train.

– Terrorism expert John Thompson joined The Homestretch and tells us why he wasn’t surprised to hear about the arrests.


Legendary chuckwagon racer Doyle Mullaney died while fighting a grass fire near his ranch.

– Chuckwagon Radio host Billy Melville joined The Homestretch and talks about Doyle’s legacy.


An American weather company predicted a summer of severe storms for Alberta.

– Senior Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips joined The Homestretch to share his concerns about the forecast.


Sexting: why do kids do it?

– Acting Sergeant Kathy Macdonald from the Calgary Police Service joined The Homestretch to talk about this disturbing trend.


Calgary Ald. Gord Lowe announced he will not run in this fall’s election.

– Lowe joined The Homestretch to chat about his decision, his reputation as a fiscal hawk and what’s next.


A deadly accident has renewed calls to twin Highway 8.

– Alberta’s Transportation Minister Rick McIver joins The Homestretch to talk about the issue.


Wildrose MLA Bruce McAllister addresses Minister McIver’s discussion on Highway 8.

– This piece follows McIver’s segment.


New rules for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program were announced today.

– Richard Truscott with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business joined The Homestretch to discuss why the changes will hurt Alberta businesses.


Will private funding for university research centres impact scientific findings?

– John Usher of the University of Lethbridge faculty association shares his concerns over the government’s latest cost-cutting plan.


Residents in some communities are using “pace cars” to reduce speeding.

– Janet Barlow from the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax joined The Homestretch to talk about the program’s success there.


The family of a woman who died after eating tainted lettuce is suing the company in an American court.

– Bill Marler is the lead attorney on the case and joined The Homestretch to discuss the case.



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