Alberta or bust!

Alright ladies and gents, it’s official- Calgary is AWESOME!

I’ve been here for almost four days now and finally got my internet hooked up so I can share my adventures over the last few days with you.

First things first…

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slightly irrational, highly anxiety-inducing fear of flying. Even the slightest bump of turbulence and I am praying to to whatever is out there to not let my plane drop out of the sky. Well, I have to give props to the flight crew on Westjet 653 for being absolutely amazing- seriously, I was almost peeing myself laughing at their jokes for the entire four-and-a-half hours. Well, closer to five actually because we were delayed touching down in YYC over weather- more on that later.





Oddly enough, it was only over Manitoba that the turbulence was really bad. Slightly ironic, given how flat the whole area is, but I won’t pretend to understand exactly how turbulence works.

By the time I touched down, the whole area was under a winter storm warning. By Sunday, there was roughly two feet of fresh snow on the ground- a lovely, hospitable welcome to my new city, eh?



I managed to wander about a couple of blocks to get a feel for my area- I’m right downtown Calgary, and can catch a bus to pretty much anywhere in no time. I have to say- Calgary is hella efficient at clearing snow off the ground. By Monday, most of it was gone from the roads and sidewalks and you could get pretty much anywhere without too much trouble.

In my last post, I talked a bit about my #MeetYYC challenge on Twitter, where I asked local Calgarians to share their favourite local secrets with me. With an entire day to kill and no Internet, what better to do than head out to explore? I can’t say too much about my adventures just yet- stay tuned though and I’ll update you as soon as a few more details are hammered out!

After a busy day of exploring, what better way to unwind than to decorate my new apartment? I’m on the 14th floor (which is technically the 13th but the architects are apparently superstitious and decided to just skip the 13th floor) and my new place is amazing! See some snippets below…

SAM_1170 SAM_1171
















Stay tuned for more stories about my adventures in Calgary soon! My first day at CBC is tomorrow and I should have good news to update everyone about within the coming week.

Tips for what I should check out next? Tweet me with #MeetYYC.




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  1. Good luck tomorrow! And don’t forget donuts :)))

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