Lessons learned in 2013


2013 has sure been a crazy year! My resolution 365 days ago was to make 2013 ‘my year’ – I resolved to seize every new opportunity, to go after new experiences and to do only the things that make me truly happy. It’s been a successful year on literally every front. I moved to a new city, started a new job, made a whole new circle of friends (while finding new apps and ways to keep in touch with the old ones – hello, SnapChat and WhatsApp, you brilliant inventions) and survived ‘The Flood.’

I’m not really one for making resolutions per say – for the past two years, mine have been to 1) be more grateful, and 2) to seize new opportunities. I tend to focus on the bigger picture and find obsessing over little things only bogs me down. That said, I do love looking back and so have decided to make a list of the top lessons I learned in 2013.

1) A city without pigeons is a wondrous place. Calgary has magpies instead and they’re really cute.

2) Always use a level to hang a mirror (see Exhibit A below)


3) Don’t go canoeing down a swollen river during a city-wide emergency.

3a) We have the coolest mayor in the country. Sorry Toronto, you can’t borrow him.

4) Journalism people are, hands down, the most fun people to drink with.

5) You can put a radio show to air with nothing more than headphones and a box of donuts.

6) From November – April, walk carefully. The concept of salting sidewalks is foreign in Calgary.

7) Election night in a newsroom alternates between mind-numbingly dull (when waiting for polls) and a crazy adrenaline rush (when results finally come in). Plus, free pizza = awesomeness.

8) Hearing how much people love a story you’ve produced or worked on is the best feeling ever.

8a) Hearing die-hard conservative types tell you about their newfound appreciation for the CBC and our flood coverage is a close second.

9) Working weekends means lineups at the grocery store are way shorter. Shopping on a Tuesday totally beats shopping on a Saturday with the rest of the universe.

10) Even though they’re a hassle to pack, you can never have too many books.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. Happy New Year!!


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  1. Great post Mandy

    Love Dad… Happy HAPPY New Year

    Chris Connolly MBA PMP Project Management Office Project Portfolio Management Consulting

    chris.connolly@me.com mobile: 289 681 6215 http://ca.linkedin.com/in/cconnolly


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